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Building Materials-Sand lime brick

Sand lime brick

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The patent for the production of sand-lime brick has existed since 1880. SATEC has contributed
to the sand-lime brick success story since its earliest industrial beginnings.

We supply material preparation equipment for state-of-the-art wall construction material

mixing systems
a full range of conveying, weighing and feeding equipment
control and process control systems
machinery and systems engineering
a broad service portfolio


homogeneous distribution of all materials in the mix as well as a uniform coating of lime on the sand
intensive wetting of the lime with water
the full surface of the sand grains is activated to form calcium silicate
clay agglomerates, which inhibit the formation of high-density calcium silicate with fine pores, are broken down
lime agglomerates are reliably separated
uniform brick structure when light aggregates or fly ash are mixed in
outstanding, reproducible mixing quality

Secondary mixing

reliable separation of reactor material agglomerates
accurate control of the moisture for pressing
continuous material stream up to brick removal on the press
no streaking when pigments are mixed in
adaptation of the mixing power to changes in pressing output associated with different brick sizes

The following pictures shows the mixing volume loading capacity of one batch of processing capacity. The average mixing time is within 1 minute and the granulation time is within 3 minutes
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