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Pelletizing Mixer

The SATEC granulating/pelletizing mixer performs mixing and granulating in a single machine. The unique cross-current and counter-current working principle guarantee significant mixing and granulating performance in shortest time.

Our high intensity granulating/pelletizing mixers use independent drivers for rotating pan and high energy rotor, which allows to alter the rotating speed individually. The number, shape and size of the pelletizing tools and the degree of inclination of rotating pelletizing pan are designed by superior technology. Our granulating mixer provides the most versatility and flexibility for different materials, diverse application and integral control.

The key effective parts in the granulating/pelletizing process are:

One inclined arranged rotating pan

One set of off-center high energy pelletizing rotor

One multi-purpose functional tool
The following pictures shows the mixing volume loading capacity of one batch of processing capacity. The average mixing time is within 1 minute and the granulation time is within 3 minutes

The rotating pan and high energy rotor put convection, cutting and diffusion force into materials. Our SATEC pelletizing mixer produces three effect area in operation:

High energy rotor mixing area

Turbulent flow area

Laminar flow area

In process, the materials are fed into laminar flow area, then carried away into turbulent flow area and high energy rotor mixing area. And then some materials fall into laminar area, other parts materials remain in turbulent flow and high energy mixing area. All the materials in rotating pan are in circulation which form intensified three-dimensional flow, and therefore, high homogeneous mixture and predictable grain are produced.

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