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Environmental Technology

Preparation technology

◎Preparation of fly ashes

Moistening and conditioning of ashes (also with a high CaO content)
◎Preparation of sludges and filter cakes (also FGD-gypsum)
Conversion into easily handled and transported products e. g. by blending sludges with powders into granules
◎Preparation of fuels
Granulation of fine-grained fuels
Preparation of solid recovered fuels, also under explosion-proof conditions

The SATEC intensive mixer is the very optimal choice for your esteemed company.
The unique working principle
Rotating mixing pan
for transporting the product
Variable-speed mixing tool, slow to fast
for mixing and granulating
The effect
The separation between material transport and the mixing process allows the speed of the mixing tool (and thus the power input into the mix) to be varied within wide limits.

The following pictures shows the mixing volume loading capacity of one batch of processing capacity. The average mixing time is within 1 minute and the granulation time is within 3 minutes

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