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preparation technology

SATEC system solutions for the production of fertilizers and soil improvers

SATEC offers innovative solutions in the field of fertilizers and regards itself as the partner of choice for the fertilizer industry.
Regardless of the size of the project, SATEC can supply everything from stand-alone granulation systems to turn-key fertilizer systems.
Very glad that the unique mixing technology it is possible to produce granules with the desired specification that are stable when stored.

The highlights of SATEC preparation technology:

◎ Mixing, granulating and coating in a single machine
◎ Optimum distribution of trace elements and additives
◎ Use of secondary raw materials in the form of filter cakes, sludges and nutrient salt solutions
◎ Environmentally friendly granulating process, no escaping fine dust or aerosol
◎ Systematic production of long-term fertilizers

The following pictures shows the mixing volume loading capacity of one batch of processing capacity. The average mixing time is within 1 minute and the granulation time is within 3 minutes
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