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Outstanding brand of mixing and granulating mixer in China

SATEC is a professional manufacturer of intensive mixers and granulators, SATEC has its own R & D team and technologically advanced production base, which can provide customers with customized one-stop design solutions to meet the needs of customers for different materials and different sites.

Our high-performance mixers have applications in various industries:
● Refractory
● Glass
● Metallurgy
● Ceramic
● Building Materials
● Fertilizers
● Environmental Protection
● Foundry Sand

3D Printing Mixing and Blending

SATEC is an ideal equipment for the mixing and preparation of powder materials and fine granular materials

  • More Stong

    The SATEC granulating/pelletizing mixer performs mixing and granulating in a single machine. The unique cross-current and counter-current working principle guarantee significant mixing and granulating performance in shortest time.

  • save time and money in the process

    SATEC original turbulent three-dimensional mixing granulation technology saves at least 3 times more time than the granulator on the market!

  • Uniform strength values

    With less process and simple operation, the required particles can be prepared quickly and efficiently in the shortest time.

The unique mixing principle of SATEC mixers makes them allrounders when it comes to material preparation in many industries.

  • Mix

    The eccentric position of the mixing stars and their movement against the material flow generated by the rotating mixing vessel creates an abundance of wide-ranging changes in the position of each individual mix particle in both vertical and horizontal direction as a prerequisite for quick and thorough mixing.

  • Mixing capacity

    optimum mixing technology, 3D Printing Mixing and Granulating

  • Fixed

    Mixing system. A rotating and inclined mixing pan (1) with eccentric mixing tool (2) produces optimum results in a very short time. The fixed bottom / wall.

  • Rotating

    An inclined rotating mixing pan, which together with a stationary multi-purpose wall bottom scraper produces high vertical flowrates.

  • Speed

    The mixing tool can be run variably, at low or high speed,"Hybrid" mixing processes become possible, eg: slow - fast - slow.

Intensive Mixer & Pelletizer Models

Core technical advantages

  • 01Uniform particle

    Uniform particle size and high strength

  • 02The process can be pre-set

    The mixed pelleting process can be preset or adjusted during production

  • 03Controlled particle size

    Rotary mixing drum and granulation tool group are controlled by frequency-variable frequency, the speed is adjustable, and the particle size can be controlled by adjusting the speed

  • 04Easy discharge

    Unloading method Tipping unloading or bottom unloading (hydraulic control), quick and clean unloading, easy to clean

  • 05Models meet different choices of customers

    A complete range of models, from LAB MIXER to large industrial Mixer, can meet the needs

  • 06Meet the needs of different industries

    Wide range of application, can meet the mixing requirements of different industries & a variety of materials

  • 07Environmental protection

    The whole process of mixing and granulation is completely closed, no dust pollution, safe and environmentally friendly

  • 08custom heating/vacuum


  • 09Fully automatic control

    Equipped with independent control cabinet, which can be connected to PLC control system to realize automatic control

SATEC LAB intensive Mixer- Profession, quality, cast brand

Maybe you haven't heard of Sentec, but at least one in your industry is using our mixer!

  • Flexibility

    Our granulating and pelletizing mixers perform mixing and granulating/pelletizing in a single machine.

  • Diversification

    Mixers for research, development and small production

  • Rich experience in mixing and granulation

Scale-up without limit – The linear transfer of the test results to industrial scale is possible.

Industry Application

Project Case

Patent Reports, Quality & Technology Assurance

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SATEC whole production design

SATEC has a professional design service team. We can provide perfect solutions for customers from single equipment to the design, integration and installation of the whole production line

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