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SASTEC Hybrid Pelletizer: Applications in Fly Ash and Concrete Lightweight Aggregates.
The SATEC Hybrid Pelletizer is an efficient and environmentally friendly equipment widely used in the production of fly ash and concrete lightweight aggregates. Let's take a detailed look at their applications in these fields.

First, let's look at the fly ash field. Fly ash is a common industrial waste. Due to its stable chemical properties after high-temperature calcination, it can be used to manufacture lightweight aggregates, railway subgrades, and cement concrete building materials. By using the SATEC Hybrid Pelletizer, fly ash can be mixed with other raw materials and then processed through heating, pressing, and pelletizing to produce uniform and stable quality lightweight aggregates. This achieves the resource utilization of fly ash, reduces environmental pollution, and also increases the added value and market competitiveness of the product.

Second, the field of concrete lightweight aggregates is also a major application area of the SATEC Hybrid Pelletizer. Lightweight aggregates are widely used in building, subgrades, railways, and bridges. By using the SATEC Hybrid Pelletizer, waste materials in concrete production, such as crushed stones and waste bricks, can be crushed, screened, mixed, and pelletized to produce uniform and stable quality lightweight aggregates. These can be directly used in concrete production to improve the strength and durability of the concrete, while also reducing the emissions and disposal costs of waste materials.

The SATEC Hybrid Pelletizer has the following advantages:

High efficiency: The advanced pelletizing technology enables efficient and continuous production,significantly improving production efficiency and capacity. The automated control system allows for continuous production, saving production time and labor costs.

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving: The low-temperature and low-pressure pelletizing process reduces energy consumption and pollution emissions. Compared with traditional high-temperature and high-pressure pelletizing
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